Conejo.Rocks — About

Conejo.Rocks is a collection of things to do that focuses on free live music in and around the Conejo Valley. The main page displays the shows chronologically: things that are coming up next are at the top. Some of the other pages list recent concert history and performers. Shows are also listed by Series, which means they tends to be listed by venue or sponsor.

The Share page has a QR code to this site for the next time someone says, "How do you get to that information?" They can use their phone to get it from your screen.

Many of the festivals and shows are presented by the cities, parks and shopping areas. Because they mostly take place outdoor, they also typically happen during the spring and summer.

Some events not focused only on music are included, such as street fairs that include a lot of music. There are also a few clubs, and some of the major paid events.

It is not all inclusive, but pretty close to it for the free music events.

This site listed a total of 80 events for 2024. There are 78 remaining this year. There were 112 events last year.

Take a look at the venues, series and history sections on this page.


The main concert series that are included on this site are shown in the following list. Items that have not been updated for 2024 have a line through them.

  • Agoura — Summer Concerts in the Park, Agoura Hills
  • Camarillo Fiesta and Street Fair, Camarillo
  • Camarillo Summer Concert Series, Camarillo
  • Concert in the Park (Moorpark), Moorpark
  • Concerts by the Sea, Oxnard
  • Concerts in the Courtyard (Simi Civic), Simi Valley
  • Gardens of the World Summer Jazz Concert Series, Thousand Oaks
  • Music in the Park (RSRPD), Simi Valley
  • Pop-up Arts and Music Festival, Thousand Oaks
  • Rock the Collection Concert Series, Oxnard
  • Saturday Concerts in the Park (WLV), Westlake Village
  • Summer Concert Series (Janss), Thousand Oaks
  • Summer Concert Series (Simi Town Center), Simi Valley
  • Summer Concerts in the Park (CRPD), Thousand Oaks
  • Sun Sets Concert Series at Calabasas Lake, Calabasas
  • T.O. Library Summer Concerts, Thousand Oaks
  • Tiny Porch Concerts, Agoura Hills
  • Valley Cultural Center — Concerts on the Green, Woodland Hills
  • Ventura County Fair, Ventura


Many of the event locations can be found on these maps.

  • Calabasas Tennis and Swim Center
  • Chumash Park
  • Conejo Community Park
  • Constitution Park
  • Gardens of the World
  • Janss Marketplace
  • Oak Canyon Community Park
  • Paramount Ranch
  • Peninsula Park
  • Peter Strauss Ranch
  • Rancho Madera Community Park
  • Rancho Santa Susana Community Park
  • Rancho Simi Community Park
  • The Collection at RiverPark
  • Ventura County Fairgrounds
  • Warner Center Park

Site history

I started adding listings of concerts and events to my site somewhere around 2012. Because it was buried in the site, people had a hard time finding the list (or more likely had trouble typing the long link). As the quantity of shows increased and more people started using my list, I moved it to a separate site, Conejo.Rocks. Doing that made it easier for people to use. Equally important, it made it easier for me to maintain, which was important because I wrote all the site's code from scratch.

The quantity of shows started to get a little lower every year. Some of the local bands that would show up on a regular basis in the early years were doing world tours. Tribute bands had become a Big Thing. I suspect that was causing them to also become more expensive and some sponsors were questioning the cost of bringing in potential customers.

In recent years there were 116 events for 2018, 102 events for 2019, 15 events for 2020, 54 events for 2021, 85 events for 2022, and 112 events for 2023. There were nearly 100 events in 2013, but that isn't an accurate comparison. The way events were displayed (and counted) changed over the years. For instance in early versions all of the Ventura County Fair concerts were displayed as one event. As some venues discontinued shows (there used to be a series at The Oaks) I would discover new ones (such as the The Collection, and Moorpark's Concerts in the Park).

Then 2020 happened. And the shows all stopped. I gave up on trying to keep track of what shows were happening and which were canceled and which moved online. 2021 saw a tentative restart: low priced tickets, only in advance, social distancing… I started adding shows again when tickets were no longer required, and ignored the more restrictive ones.

2022: on to the new normal and hoping that the shows I put in here actually happen.

About 2020 and 2021

(This was written mid-2021. I guess things picked up enough to get around 50% of a year's the normal show quantity.)

Because of the focus Conejo.Rocks has on live music, it became inactive during 2020. Essentially, I started doing it, but gave up on tracking the changes.

A few 2020 concerts were being announced and getting added to CR. But before the events began they were often getting canceled, while some others move online. I considered adding ways to show both online events—meaning a way to distinguish them from live events. I also needed to find a way to highlight canceled events. Soon became clear that all of the summer events were going away.

At that point I quit tracking everything. The amount of work needed to keep the site accurate had doubled because I had to keep going back to check if things had changed for concert series that I would have been done with on any other year. Most of the places having the concerts have never make it very easy to keep track of any changes they make, and online events were often last-minute.

2021 is proving to be a challenge because some of the previously free events are charging admission and limiting attendance. What should a site that tracks free shows do? I decided not to track car concerts and shows with paid blocks of seats. Sorry CRPD. As of this writing I am starting to hear rumors of a couple of the free series starting up.

Keep coming back. Maybe it will pickup later in the year. I bet 2022 will be pretty full.